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None of the Minions know if the story is true and it could be that not even the Operatives know for sure, but there’s a rumour that parts of L.A. are cursed and that nobody living there can sing. (That’s supposed to apply to the undead and to demons, too – which makes it all the stranger that there’s supposed to be a karaoke bar close to one of the dead zones.)

The reasons why the spell was cast vary with who tells the story. Most agree that it was meant to keep the Master out of there, but some say there was a Thesalac demon hanging out in a run-down hotel. Those specialize in paranoia and when people sing the truth it can come out that nobody’s out to victimize anyone. (Paranoids have enemies too, so it doesn’t always work out that way.)

Anyway, deception usually favours predators, and any of those could have bought the spell.

Some say the effect is part of Wolfram and Hart’s wards. You can bet that they’ve never wanted a musical truth-fest, (especially since old Suvata isn’t immune.) I’ve even heard that a guy called D’Hoffryn wished the spell done because a Vengeance Demon once summoned the Master instead of the other way around.

Anyway, I’d heard enough about the way the people there sound to flatly disbelieve what I was hearing when I was told we were going to do a Gig in LA.

I’m not supposed to argue but I did query that order. The only consequence, so far, is that I’m going in wearing a wire in case I need ear-plugs on the day. None of the Minions have hearing as sensitive as the Master’s, but we are not looking forward to this one!

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