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I’m not crazy about this place. The magical ambient is strong, but it’s distorted. or I got too used to Sunnydale. Things feel wrong here.

When I first crossed the portal the Little Wolf said she was going to follow me if I was away for more than a couple of days. I thought she came through a while back, but the messed-up magic here meant that I couldn't be sure. We have a strong emopathic link in some dimensions, but here I just started dreaming about her. I couldn't guide her to me, either, or backtrack to her.

After I started checking the place out I was counting on her help, too. I followed the minions for a few miles, but they just seemed to drop out of sight and now I can't find a trace of them. So far the mojo isn’t helping. Erynne has a werewolf’s sense of smell and sometimes that works better than the fancy stuff.

I can only pick up songs from the people who saw them if they're remembering it at the time and nobody seems to have seen them since the first town. I've got a feeling that time passes slower here, too. Maybe it seems to have taken so long because of what the place is like. It’s been what the locals call storm season. Lots of thunder. People are sheltering indoors or squelching through the mud under long, brownish cloaks. They mostly look like moving mushrooms. I've tried smoking around to check, but I don't get diffuse enough, here. Trying it in heavy rain is dangerous, and it hurts. I couldn’t turn the laptop on without risking frying the modem. I've even been wondering if I've lost track of the days.

One reason that I thought the Little Wolf might have followed me into this dimension already was that I started dreaming about her a while back. It'd been a peaceful thing, up until today, but when I last napped a dream hit like a poisoned sting! It was bad - I thought something had attacked her, but that part was all dark shapes and teeth. Normally she heals fast and this time that didn't seem to be happening. I've got a feeling that she's in pain and dammit I want to go back! But the whole way Mojo works is different here. I don't even know if that dream, whatever, was real.

It might just have been a nightmare, and if it wasn't - I think someone was with her and I ... Usually I don't have a problem taking decisions. I just decide and do it - but if I don't find the Minions now I doubt if I'll there'll be a second chance. I've lost the trail anyway. Maybe if I just start to cover some of the ground again ... At least the thunderstorms seem to be over.


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