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I guess that the place is supposed to be warded against standard teleportation? If it is I’d look for a window – never take more trouble than necessary.

If I do have to use the door then it would depend on the size of the keyhole and whether there’s one of those inspection hatches anywhere. Travelling as dust or smoke has its limits, so one factor to be taken into account is whether I’m supposed to be a prisoner and whether the characters who think they’ve got me know what those limits are. It can help if they give me a couple of arias about that, but I’ll try to get them singing anyway.

One very useful trick is to listen and to find out what the hierarchy is, what the relationships are, who’s the most vulnerable and everything else I can; (OK, I do that anyway, but sometimes it’s more helpful than others.) Someone’s going to open that door sooner or later. Then – smoke out past them (or cast the illusion of smoking out past them and then get on with things once they think I’m gone; putting a nice bright light in dustmotes in the area where I’m not really teleporting is useful for that) - or just have them think they’re seeing an empty room and get out while they’re gaping, or groping for an invisible singer or whatever.

Of course, if I can get someone to sing about where the key is it could be easy. Just teleport a Minion or two to the key and leave the rest of the job to them.

Muse; “Sweet” the singing demon.

Fandom, BTVS

Words, 263
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