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L.A. is too big for a Gig and there are too many sounds. Some demons make noises that don't even approximate song. I heard one of the Minions mutter,

"It's like a jungle out there," as we came through.

One thing that the team should have learned by now is never to underestimate the Master, but the newest Minion still seemed surprised when a baby-faced kid started shouldering his way through the sidewalk crowd while ranting in a kind of rhythmic shout…

“Demon-spawn, everywhere!
There’s half not worth the killing
And they just don't care!
Thought I'd get away
Be a hero or a star,
But I’m back here in LA
I guess I can’t get far!

So … don't push me
'cos I've had enough!
One wrong word
and I'll get real rough!

I'm a teenage kid and
I've had four names!
Passed from hand to hand
Tell me who's to blame?
I'm the son of vampires
You can guess the laughter
and who in Hell
should I take after?

So don't push me
'cos I'm demon spawn!
Make you wish you
were never born!

I was thrown from the womb
into cold and rain,
'Cos a stake ended labour
and my mother's pain,
Never had a childhood
never had a Mother,
I was reared by one Dad
Just to kill the other!
So Dad stole me
(So I've been told)
I was his revenge
and revenge is cold!
I was reared in Quartov
and that was neat
the Destroyer trampled it
beneath his feet!

So don't push me
‘cos we had the power,
I’m a living weapon,
Made that place cower

(It’s like a jungle out there
Sometimes I wonder
How we kept from going under!)

Any ghetto kid
Gets to know his mind
And if he’s human
Or the demon-kind!
Never knew my mother -
And you shouldn’t doubt,
You would not believe
How that worked out!

So don’t push me
Even if you could.
Those who come near me
Never come to good.

So don’t push me
That’d make you die.
I’m born to kill
(And I’m born to cry!)”

(Afterward I heard one of the Minions tell another, “Call me old-fashioned if you like, but you can’t call it music…” Yeah well, he’s young. Humans were chanting for a long time before they started inventing orchestras.)

The kid wasn’t a target, this time, but someone had used memory spells on him, too, and I doubt if he even knew he was ranting. He was a mess, what you might call a really interesting case. .

I’ve got a feeling I might be hearing more from him later.

Muse “Sweet” the Singing Demon,
Fandom, BTVS
Words, 400 !


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