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The whole Team knew that the portals were going crazy and rumours were running wild, but the Operative seemed cheerful enough as the Minions started to move the equipment out. He was singing to himself as he checked his latest look in the mirror while he practiced his steps.

(An old Minion claimed that someone told the Master that it would reassure a potential Queen if he danced for her - after all, it’s not something that an enemy would do. It could be true, but nobody has ever heard him sing about that.)

“Have you got my Talisman?
Did you call me here?
Wear the gem and sing the song
And wait till I am near.

I have had a hundred names,
Are you singing one?
Wear the gem and sing the song,
And I might even come.”

The song stopped as the Group headed for the portal. Gigs were a serious business and this one had several targets. Some of those fires would be burning bright, before the end.

You can say what you like about the Operative’s voice. Some dislike it; some sing its praises - but there’s one thing that's always true.

Sometimes he has a voice to die for.

Muse, "Sweet" the singing demon.
Fandom, BTVS
Words, 209


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