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The minions are setting up a base in the burned-out shell that was once a movie theatre. The state of it probably won’t matter. The humans have cleared the worst hazards away at some point and the magic glamour is spreading across the rest.

The rain had stopped a few moments before and now there is a plume of scarlet smoke drifting through the lonely city streets. He sings the truth, and the truth is that he isn’t much enjoying this Gig. They sing, of course, but not much of it is related to him and he hasn’t been summoned by someone who understood what they were doing for way too long. There’s been no applause for longer than that, for too long.

The smoke gradually solidifies into a manlike figure, moving to the sound of tapping feet.

The tune that starts to gather in the background is bright and bouncy, but the introduction is almost wistful… until the music wells up and the figure starts to dance…

Night is falling. Moonlight glistens,
Sometimes I feel no-one listens,
I got power to make them sing,
Sometimes that don’t
Mean a thing …

There should be jazz,
There should be razzmatazz!
When music breaks out here
And I’m the cause!
There ought to be some
Ragtime music playing
And somewhere there
Should be a dancer swaying.

There should be swing!
And a duet to sing!
A Summoner who’s
called within the lores,
And voices should be blending
Before the happy ending
But most of all
There ought to be applause!

(By then the street people have formed a chorus line, and the song goes on as the first dancer twirls and vanishes.)

There should be jazz!
There should be razzmatazz!
We don’t hear either
In the urban sprawl,
And life here doesn’t
usually get uproarious
and we aren’t usually
joining in a chorus!

There should be soul!
There should be rock and roll!
There really should be
Music without pause!
But I ain’t much for tricks,
I just gotta get my fix!
So most of all
there ought to be applause!


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